The LISSMAC Innovation: The highly efficient processing of all cutting contours (outer and inner contours) on both sides of the laser cut, punched, plasma cut, or flame cut part takes place in just one operation. The two-sided processing offers the highest productivity in the deburring, edge rounding and slag removal process for LISSMAC's customers. The operating principle of the LISSMAC systems guarantees optimal tool utilization over the entire working width, as the workpiece is always processed at right angles to the feed direction.

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Both Sides - One Pass

LISSMAC Machines: Overview

LISSMAC Machines LISSMAC designed unique machines that can ...

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LISSMAC SBML G1S2: Dry, Deburr, Edge Round, Top & Bottom in a Single Pass

Grinding, deburring and edge rounding of punched, laser and ...

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LISSMAC SBM-M S2: Dry, Deburr Top & Bottom in a Single Pass

LISSMAC, the most effective sheet metal deburring available ...

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LISSMAC SBM-XS G1E1: Dry, Small Parts Deburr Top & Bottom, Single Pass

LISSMAC systems for metal processing set benchmarks in ...

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LISSMAC SBM-M D2: Dry Slag Removal Top & Bottom in a Single Pass

The SBM-M D2 grinding and deburring machine was developed ...

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LISSMAC SBM-M B2: Oxide Removal Top & Bottom in a Single Pass

Lissmac innovative systems for metal processing set high ...

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