TruBend machines incorporate a wealth of experience in press brake technology coupled with pioneering innovations. They enable you to fabricate parts in any format, from the simplest to the most complex, precisely and cost-effective. TruBend machines are above all renowned for their flexibility, finished part quality, and a high cost-benefit ratio.

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CNC Press Brake & Folding Technology

The TruBend 2100

The TruBend 2100 is the CNC Press Brake from TRUMPF geared ...

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TruBend 3000 Series

The TruBend 3000 series brings together the best TRUMPF ...

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Trubend 5000 Series

TRUMPF bending machines stand for wide-ranging experience ...

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Trubend 7000 Series

A press brake is only as fast as its operator, and vice ...

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TruBend 8000 Series

The TruBend Series 8000 is a great choice if you’re looking ...

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TruBend 5000 & 7000 Folding Centers

The TruBend Center Series 5000 & 7000 series enables ...

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TRUMPF TruBend Cell 5000

The BendMaster was designed especially for the automation ...

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TruBend Cell 7000

When it comes to the automated bending of small parts, the ...

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Genuine TRUMPF Press Brake Tooling

TRUMPF Press Brake Tooling The performance of a press ...

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TRUMPF's Chicago Smart Factory

Shorter delivery times, even for small lot sizes, ...

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