LISSMAC SMW 123 RB: Wet, Single Side, Deburr & Surface Finish

LISSMAC Grinding Machines of the SMW 1 series set benchmarks for perfect surface finish using the wet grinding process. The flexible compact model can be individually configured to meet customer requirements. LISSMAC machines are characterized by low tool costs, simple handling and also by their cost effective price-performance ratio and the resulting short amortization time.
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SMW 123 -A
LISSMAC SMW 123 Drier Knifes


The SMW 123 RB series set benchmarks for perfect surface finish using the wet grinding process. 

Depending on the application, one or two heads can work individually or together. 

Lissmac's great solution for wet deburring and the ability to surface finish. 

The machine is great for small job shops or OEM's with limited space. 

The machine has a built-in water filtration unit and doesn't require a dust collector.


  • Operating width: 37.4"
  • Constant pass line height (39”)
  • Motorized thickness adjustment .004” increments
  • Safety switches to stop machine
  • Automatic conveyor belt tracking
  • Large, rubberized conveyor belt drive drum
  • Rubberized pressure rollers (oil-resistant)
  • Infeed table (conveyor belt), feeding area 6”
  • Finger safety switch on workpiece infeed
  • Feed jog switch for head calibration
  • Water spray nozzles on the heads for high-capacity rinsing and cooling
  • Integrated manual filtration unit for coolant to suit standard grinding and deburring purposes
  • Coolant tank with a tank capacity of 76.6 gallons
  • Integrated parts dryer with air knives and four squeeze rollers
  • Emergency stop buttons at the front and rear side of the machine
  • Spindles and electrical components all located in dry area
  • All electrical controls according to machine conforms to all EEC machinery safety regulations (CE)
  • The machine can process work piece thicknesses from 0.012” – 4.7”
  • Voltage: 480 volts/60 cycles, 24 V control voltage


Aggregate 1: R-head

  • Grinding head for one automatic positioning contact roller (diameter: 7.8”)
  • Adjustable in height
  • Drive motor for abrasive belt with electronic wear free braking system
  • Direction of rotation: with feed
  • Photo optic abrasive belt tracking
  • Pneumatic tensioning of abrasive belt with integrated abrasive belt edge compensation
  • Conveyor Belt Feed speed: 4 – 32 ft/min
  • Control and terminal: Siemens S7-1200 PLC, Graphic 8.4-inch touch screen, mm/inch readout
  • Levelling Feet
  • Central Lubrication
  • Refractometer

R-Head Configuration:

  • Contact drum: 65 shore rubber contact drum
  • 65 shore spirally grooved, rubberized contact drum
  • Motor and speed: STS 11 kW variable, frequency-controlled speed 6 – 60 ft/s
  • Speeds can be set via touch screen terminal

Aggregate 2: B-head

  • Barrel brush head suitable for:
  • Barrel brushes with a diameter of 12”
  • Rotation with or against feed direction
  • Brush oscillation with 500 strokes/min., stroke length: .120”
  • Manual height adjustment controlled via Touch Screen Terminal

B-Head Configuration:

  • 3M Cut & Polish medium
  • Brush cassette including fleece brush (3M Cut & Polish Scotch-brite).
  • brush speed: 1,500 RPM
  • Motor and speed: Variable, frequency-controlled brush speed 500 – 1,500 RPM
  • Speeds can be set via Touch Screen Terminal
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