TRUMPF's Chicago Smart Factory

Shorter delivery times, even for small lot sizes, compounded by manufacturing even trickier products and assemblies all add to the complexity of today’s manufacturing environment. Such complexity demands comprehensive solutions if manufacturers are to successfully overcome this new breed of challenge.

Part of TRUMPF's answer is TruConnect. TruConnect provides holistic solutions comprising hardware, software and services. Based on the modular principle, varying components of the TruConnect product portfolio are combined in individualized solutions to generate the best possible added-value for our customers.
It is the first smart factory for Industry 4.0 solutions designed for digitally connected production processes throughout. Investments for the facility, which covers more than 50,000 square feet, totaled over $30 million in construction and equipment investment. We invite you to visit and process chain first hand.
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The TRUMPF Smart Factory 

At the TRUMPF Smart Factory in Chicago you will find people, machines, automation, and software perfectly interacting with TruConnect.

Experience autonomous laser cutting, punching and bending as they work together forming a fully automated logistics flow.

When production is made transparent, indirect processes can be automated allowing you to produce faster with more flexibility, making it easier to manage.

We're happy to show you how your business can benefit from these solutions.

Your Route To Connected Manufacturing

Deal successfully with continuously increasing complexity and falling lot sizes in sheet metal processing.

With TRUMPF's innovative TruConnect range of solutions, you can realize your Smart Factory step by step.

No two paths are the same because TruConnect combines individual components for you in order to create customized solutions.

The TRUMPF smart factory is focused on consulting and training to introduce digitally connected production solutions.

To this end, the factory intelligently connects the entire sheet metal process chain – from the initial order to design, manufacture and delivery.

How The Process Controlled

The process begins when a quotation is formulated automatically based on a drawing and an order placed in the AXOOM online store.

This information is then automatically forwarded to the software system, which then reserves the necessary production capacity.

The parts themselves can also direct the production process, for example by means of Dot Matrix Codes.

The information assigned to each part is carried through the process chain, and can be used to select the machine program for the next stage in the process.

Orders Tracked & Controlled

TruTops Fab software enables operators to keep track of order processing and production status.

TruTops Fab also ensures accurate stock keeping of materials in the high-bay warehouse.

TRUMPF is also testing additional products in the Smart Factory.

One is a sensor-based solution used to locate parts at every stage of their journey through the factory.

TRUMPF is also trying out solutions for managing material flows.

In addition to the connected manufacturing environment, there are also some standalone machines in the facility.

To ensure the automated flow of materials to these machines, TRUMPF is testing STOPA VARIOCARTS, which move autonomously between machines without guide rails or trailing cables.


Witness a connected fleet of machines capable of processing orders automatically.

The heart of the Smart Factory is a series of interconnected machines, many of which are linked to a STOPA high-bay material warehouse.

The entire production process is controlled by digital solutions that also always ensure transparency, e.g. with respect to order status or stocks of materials.

The facility provides you with live demonstrations of the advantages of digitally connected manufacturing solutions and the future of sheet-metal processing.

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