TruLaser 8000 Coil Edition

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High Productivity & Low Part Costs

Broad range of variants in series production: many customers find themselves facing this challenge – regardless of whether they manufacture small, medium, or large quantities. That's where the TruLaser 8000 Coil Edition, a highly productive and flexible laser blanking system from TRUMPF, comes in. Sheet metal processors often use press lines for series production, but have to manufacture bending tools for each new product variant – an expensive and time-consuming process. Tool-free and flexible processing with a laser directly from the coil saves time, materials and money. But even compared to conventional laser cutting from the sheet, laser cutting from the coil offers massive advantages in terms of cost and efficiency.

Equipped with an ARKU precision leveler, the ARKU belt system together with tried and tested TRUMPF quality combine to form a highly automated, turn-key entire system with many advantages for customers. An innovative control was developed in collaboration with SIEMENS – from coil unfolding, aligning and laser cutting to completely integrated, robot-based component removal. All steps are done by TruTops Boost, from the programming of the entire system to removal of the robot.

Laser Blanking
Laser cutting from coil is becoming increasingly important in numerous metal processing industries – both for large manufacturers and job shops with medium to large lot sizes.

Lower Material Costs
Every sheet comes from a coil. Enjoy the benefits of a significantly reduced procurement price for coils as opposed to sheet goods.

Less Scrap
Continuous nesting optimally utilizes your materials, which in turn significantly reduces scrap and thus component costs.

Shorter Cycle Times
Within one very short cycle (less than 10 seconds), new material is brought into the machine via conveyor, the portion that is cut is transported to the unloading place, and at the same time, the scrap material is disposed of.

Fully Automated Part Removal
The integrated robot and gripper system allows for significantly quicker discharge times and flexibility when it comes to removing components.

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