TruLaser 2030 Fiber

The TruLaser 2030 fiber is your easy introduction to highly productive laser cutting. Operation is intuitive – you can get started immediately and continuously benefit from the system performance. It does not require lots of room because the TruLaser 2030 fiber is compact and brings together its full power with minimal use of space. TruLaser 2030 fiber is available with two, three or four kilowatts of laser power. Thanks to the robust TruDisk solid-state laser, the TruLaser 2030 fiber can cut highly reflective materials such as copper even using nitrogen.
All materials and sheet thicknesses can be processed with the same cutting unit. This saves setup time, as there is no need to change the lens and cutting head. Along with other parameters, the focal position of the laser also adjusts automatically to the respective material. The cutting head’s collision protection and an automatic nozzle changer with space for eight nozzles reduce setup times even further.
Base price
TRUMPF BrightLine
TruLaser 2030 Control Consumable Assistance
TRUMPF_TruLaser2030_fiber Collision_Protection

TruLaser 2030 Fiber

TRUMPF gives fabricators the power to perform with the introduction of a wide array of new products and technologies. The TruLaser 2030 Fiber features TRUMPF's TruDisk solid state laser, 5 ft x 10 ft working range. The machine was designed for optimum energy efficiency and minimal floor space.

Its intuitive operation, low investment and operating costs make it particularly suitable for the needs of businesses starting out in laser cutting. Its ease of operation meets the needs of newcomers to laser cutting. If the operator of the TruLaser 2030 fiber wants to assign a job, the relevant questions for setting up and programming the machine appear on the control user interface. The user is guided by the interface through the various steps until the program starts. Large windows and LED illumination provide optimum views inside the machine. The TruLaser 2030 fiber fulfills all requirements with regard to laser safety.

Everything Under Control

The 19-inch touch display makes work pleasant for the operator. But not just on the display – the operator also always has an overview of all the processes in the work area since the entire work area is clearly visible.
Easy Of Operation, Even for Novices
The intuitive operation makes getting started in productive laser cutting easier; training outlay is minimal. Cutting parameters for all materials and sheet thicknesses are stored. You can create simple drawings and cutting programs directly on the machine with a few clicks.
TRUMPF TruDisk Solid State Laser
Different lasers are available for the TruLaser 2030 fiber machine: The TruDisk 2001 with 2 kW is standard. Optional TruDisk 3001 with 3 kW or the TruDisk 4001 with 4 kW of laser power.
Collision Protection
The collision protection for your cutting head guarantees process reliability – in the event of collisions between the cutting head and tilted parts, damage to the cutting head is prevented, meaning that you do not have to replace the cutting head. You benefit from shorter non-productive times due to increased machine availability.
Single-Cutting-Head Strategy
You save setup time with the TruLaser 2030 fiber – it is not necessary to change lenses or cutting heads, as all materials and sheet thicknesses are cut with the same cutting unit. The focal position and other parameters are automatically tailored to the material to be cut.
Consumables Assistant
With the Consumables Assistant for TruLaser 2030 fiber machines, you can receive a pop-up alert each week which shows material usage, material thickness usage, nozzle usage, and gas usage. The machine will even suggest what consumables should be on hand for the next period of time based on the report. In addition to that, you can even request a quote for these items with a 10% discount.


Working Range      
X axis 120"    
Y axis 60"    
Z axis 4.5"    
Maximum Workpiece Weight 1,587 lbs.    
Simultaneous (X and Y) 5,511 ipm.    
Smallest programmable increment 0.00004"    
Positioning accuracy (Pa) 0.004"    
Repeatability (Ps) 0.001"    
Dimensions & Weights      
Length 327"    
Width 232"    
Height 91"    
Weight 24,200 lbs.    
TRUMPF Solid-State Laser  TruDisk 2001 TruDisk 3001 TruDisk 4001
Max Sheet Thickness Mild Steel 0.63" 0.80" 1.00"
Max Sheet Thickness Stainless  0.31" 0.63" 0.80"
Max Sheet Thickness Aluminum 0.25" 0.50" 0.63"
Max Sheet Thickness Copper 0.12" 0.25" 0.31"
Max Sheet Thickness Brass 0.12" 0.25" 0.31"
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