TruLaser 1000 Series Fiber Lasers

The TruLaser Series 1000 is a dynamic machine that can autonomously handle more processes to reduce your cost per part than it’s competitors. Thanks to TRUMPF’s TruDisk laser and proven functions such as collision protection, the machine reliably processes a wide variety of material types and thicknesses. Protective glass monitoring in the cutting head and BrightLine fiber, previously available only in higher 2D laser classes, have been added and additionally optimize processes and boost machine efficiency. Higher Laser Power at a Lower Fixed Cost for Flexible Laser Usage.

With TRUMPF's Power by the Hour option, you can independently choose when you need to use more laser power. This unique program provides the ability to switch laser power on the TruLaser 1000 series from the standard 3kW to 6kW during production, without needing to call TRUMPF. With this added flexibility, you are able to expand the range of materials and material thicknesses you can cut on your laser, boosting overall productivity with higher throughput on demand and greater material capacity when you need it. When cutting at a higher laser power, you will only be invoiced for what you use.
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TruLaser 1000 Series Collision Protection
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TruLaser 1000 Series

The TruLaser 1000 fiber series is TRUMPF’s laser cutting system designed to meet the increasing challenges facing today’s manufacturing. The TruLaser 1000 fiber series combines a rugged drive system and machine construction coupled to a TRUMPF diode pumped solid state laser resonator, to provide a cost effective and productive laser cutting system with a minimal footprint. As with all TRUMPF laser cutting centers, the TruLaser 1000 fiber series is feature packed yet simple to operate.

These machines can be automated across the board. The TruLaser Series 1000 also handles many cutting-related processes autonomously to drive down part costs. Equipped with a robust laser and proven functions such as collision protection, these machines cut sheet metal in a process-reliable way. And the intuitive operating concept reduces training time. Beyond that, TRUMPF added new features such as protective glass monitoring and BrightLine fiber. Previously available only in higher 2D laser classes, they serve to optimize processes and boost machine efficiency.

As the largest laser manufacturer in the world, and the largest manufacturer of fabrication equipment in the United States, TRUMPF is positioned to offer innovative machines of very high reliability and quality. TRUMPF has been in business for over 90 years and spends approximately 8% of its revenues on research and develop programs that result in continued enhancements of existing products along with innovative new technologies to solve tomorrow’s fabrication needs.

Laser Processing

The TruLaser 1000 series consists of three types of machine, the TruLaser 1030 fiber, TruLaser 1040 fiber and the TruLaser 1060 fiber. The TruDisk solid-state laser operates at constant power and is insensitive to reflections off copper, brass and other materials that reflect when cut. TRUMPF ships these machines out with data for cutting many commonplace materials and thicknesses of sheet metal. It enhances their process reliability – they can even cut copper with nitrogen. Machines with a four-kilowatt laser and higher are equipped with BrightLine fiber. With this function, they can cut thick mild steel in a process-reliable way. In the event of a collision with tilted parts, a special protective mechanism deflects the cutting head to prevent damage to the cutting head and the machine. The TruLaser Series 1000 deposits slag and small parts in five pull-out drawers below the machine’s frame.

Easy To Operate

The mchine features an 18.5-inch multi-touch control panel. It displays the most frequently used menu items at the top level. If the operator interrupts an operation, the control unit enables processing to resume at the same point. The monitoring capability is not limited to the protective glass: Other sensors track the condition of components that impact the machine’s cutting performance. A traffic-light readout on the control panel called ‘the Condition Guide’ indicates the status. It also offers guidance when the operator needs to take action. Flow charts make it easier to forecast actionable events and provides a more efficient way of scheduling maintenance work.

BrightLine fiber

A perfect interplay of beam generation, guidance, and focusing are crucial for the BrightLine fiber function. Trumpf developed and manufactures all these key elements, from the laser source and beam guidance to the cutting head. TRUMPF builds on process know-how it has acquired over decades, enabling it to match the different elements to each other so that they work together optimally – a prerequisite for technological progress in solid-state laser cutting. One important advantage is the higher quality achieved in thicker mild and stainless steel. Brightline fiber is a standard feature on machines equipped with the TruDisk 4kW laser and higher.

TRUMPF Nanojoints: Process-reliable laser cutting
In comparison to microjoints, nanojoints only fix the component to the scrap skeleton via a small stop point at the bottom end of the kerf. This leads to process-reliable cutting of the sheet nests as it prevents the components from tilting. Damage to contours is only minimal and it is easier to release your components from the scrap skeleton. Your nesting can be tighter, you utilize your resources more efficiently, and benefit from higher productivity.


Working Range  TruLaser 1030 fiber     TruLaser 1040 fiber TruLaser 1060   
X Axis 120" 160" 240"   
Y Axis 60" 80"  100"  
Z Axis 4.5" 4.5"  4.5"  
Maximum Workpiece Weight 1920 lbs 3747 lbs  6600 lbs  
Simultaneous (X and Y) 5512 ipm 5512 ipm 5512 ipm   
Programmable Increments 0.00004" 0.00004"  0.00004"  
Positioning Accuracy 0.002" 0.002"  0.002"  
Repeatability 0.0012" 0.0012"  0.0012"  
TRUMPF TruDisk Laser Options

3kW TruDisk 3001

4kW TruDisk 4001 6kW TruDisk 6001

10kW TruDisk 10001

Max Sheet Thickness Mild Steel 0.78" 1.00" 1.25" 1.25"
Max Sheet Thickness Stainless Steel 0.59" 1.00" 1.37" 1.50"
Max Sheet Thickness Aluminum 0.59" 0.80" 1.00" 1.18" 
Max Sheet Thickness Copper 0.25" 0.31" 0.400" 0.500"
Max Sheet Thickness Brass 0.25" 0.31" 0.400" 0.500"


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