TRUMPF TruBend Center Series 5000

With the TruBend Center’s unique panel bending technology,
TRUMPF unlocks the widest range of parts for this machine
class. Create complex components quickly and flexibly, well
beyond what is possible with the classic panel bending range.
From filigree edges to large-scale forms, you can produce
parts suitable for a broad range of industrial uses and applications
– thanks to the automatic tool changer, all this can be
done in a highly productive way and without tool setups.
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The TruBend Center Series 5000

In panel bending, sheets are inserted horizontally and held in place by blank holders. Upper and lower bending tools are mounted directly on the bending frame. A bend is formed by the movement of the bending tool. In this process, only the tool moves during the bending operation; the workpiece remains stationary in the horizontal position and does not need to be held by the operator.


  • Highly productive bending
  • Maximum part flexibility
  • Automatic set up
  • Optimum accuracy
  • Easy handling


  • Fast bending method with automatic processing of all edges on one side
  • Reduced downtimes thanks to automatic tool changer
  • Highly productive radius processing


  • The adjustable 2-axis part manipulator increases flexibility making it possible to process very small components
  • High box depth
  • Processing of sheet thicknesses of up to 3 mm possible
  • Secure part handling thanks to various gripper modules mounted on the part manipulator
  • Sophisticated extra bending tools for maximum application flexibility


  • The innovative angle drive ensures maximum accuracy and optimum surface quality
  • The optical angle assistant helps to ensure that even the first part in a series is a good one
  • Process-reliable positioning of the components thanks to the backgauge system


  • No need to rotate or manipulate the blank during the bending process
  • The 2-axis part manipulator enables ergonomic part removal of components with negative bends
  • Automatic tool changer facilitates operations


  • Energy-efficient drive with hydraulic and electric axes
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