TruPunch 5000

The TruPunch 5000 sets new standards for productivity. It produces a wide range of parts quickly, and with flexibility, maximum precision and process reliability. Individual automation solutions maximize the throughput, particularly during multiple-shift operation.
Base price
TruPunch-5000 SheetMaster
TruPunch 5000 Retractable Clamps
TruPunch 5000 Active Die Option3
TruPunch 5000 Active Die Part Sample
TruPunch 5000 part sample 2
TRUMPF Punch Tooling4

TruPunch 5000

The NewTruPunch 5000 is the market leader in productivity, process reliability and flexibility.

Individual automation solutions guarantee diverse applications and enable optimal throughput, especially in multi-shift operation. 


Punching with a stroke rate of up to 1600 strokes/min or marking with up to 3000 strokes/min thanks to On-Demand Drive

Maximum productivity when tapping and in the processing of complex contours due to increased rotational speed

Drives without clearance allow maximum acceleration and positioning accuracy

Optimized productivity and process reliability thanks to smart functions

Intelligent automation solutions such as ToolMaster Linear for fast tool changes


Scratch-free punching and forming processing when using the active die (optional)

Very high part precision by coherent machine design and stable C-frame

No repositioning thanks to retractable clamps

Part surfaces free of imprints due to programmable stripper power (optional)


Maximum processing flexibility through the use of up to 90 magazine stations, held in the ToolMaster Linear

Processing of the entire sheet in one pass by retractable clamps

Special tools such as MultiBend enable a wide range of forming

With progressive extension stages going to full automation


Thanks to retractable clamps, sheet utilization is increased and material costs are reduced

Low energy consumption through On-Demand Drives

A second pressure circuit ensures excellent energy efficiency of all hydraulic punch drives


Working Area 50" x 100" 60" x 120"
Max Sheet Thickness .312" .312"
Punch Force 25 tons 25 tons
Max Workpiece Weight 440 lbs 507 lbs.
X Axis 3,937 ipm 3,937 ipm
Y Axis 2,362 ipm 2,362 ipm
Simultaneous 4,567 ipm 4,567 ipm
C Axis 330 rpm 330 rpm
Max Stroke Rate Punching (.040") 1,400 spm 1,200 spm
Max Stroke Rate Marking 2,800 spm 2,800 spm
Linear Magazine 18 / 3 Clamps 21 / 4 Clamps
Tool Capacity 18-180 21-210
MultiTool 5-10 Stations 5-10 Stations
Tool Change Time    
Single Station 3 sec. 3 sec.
MultiTool 0.7 sec. 0.7 sec.
Positioning Accuracy .004" .004"
Repeatability .0012" .0012"
Control Siemans Sinumerik 840D Siemans Sinumerik 840D
Part Chute 20" x 20" 20" x 20"
Space Requirement 266" x 240" 299" x 276"
Power Consumption 11.2 kw 11.2 kw
Punching Head Hydraulic Hydraulic
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