TruMatic 6000 Fiber

The TruMatic 6000 fiber combines highest process reliability and flexibility. The solid-state laser opens up a wide range of materials to you, and processes thin sheets with cutting speeds of up to 1338 in/min. In this way, you can process non-ferrous metals, film-coated stainless steel, and galvanized sheet particularly productively. Intelligent solutions for operation parallel to production ensure that your investment pays off even faster. Various automation options guarantee process-reliable operation during the night and on the weekend.
Base price
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TruMatic-6000-fiber with SheetMaster
TruMatic 6000 fiber exploded view
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Productive, Flexible Machine

The TruMatic 6000 fiber is a productive machine that combines utmost process reliability with flexibility. Its solid-state laser enables the processing of a wide variety of materials.

Extended Forming Options
High quality outer contours and delicate inner contours: With the slim laser head of a TruMatic, you can cut very near to, or even on, forms which have already been created. You can also achieve unusual contours with process reliability. You can process non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper, or titanium to the highest quality due to the solid-state laser. You can integrate formed sections quite easily into the process sequence. In the process, the material is always handled gently, and carefully removed from the machine.

Descending Die Option 
The descending die enables scratch-free punching and forming processes. If required, the die can be lowered during positioning so the sheet does not have any contact with the die – for both punching as well as higher forming dies. When forming downwards, there is no longer the risk of things getting caught.

Integrated Flattening
Used in conjunction with the Descending Die, domed die, and stripper plate parts can be produced with high degree of flatness. During the punching of sheet metal, compression and tensile stresses are placed on the workpiece which can cause sheet deformation. The integrated flattening machine function and the corresponding tool make it possible to even out surface irregularities during the punching process itself.

Ball Tables or Brush Tables
For sensitive materials, which must not have any scratches underneath, you can use brush tables combined with the descending die. Parts which are to be subsequently painted, can also be processed on the handy ball table.

MobileControl App
With the MobileControl app from TRUMPF you can operate and monitor your machines easily and with flexibility as the app transmits the interface of the standard control panel onto the touch screen of your tablet PC. In addition to the static control panel, you have another option for monitoring and controlling your machine.



Medium Format

Large Format

Work area 100x50 in. 120x60 in.*
Max. sheet thickness 0.25 in. 0.25 in.
Max. punching force 20 tons 20 tons
Max workpiece weight 330 lbs. 507 lbs.
X axis 3543 in/min 3543 in/min
Y axis 2362 in/min 2362 in/min
Simultaneous (X and Y) 4252 in/min 4252 in/min
C axis (punching) 330 rpm 330 rpm
C axis (tapping) 330 rpm 330 rpm
Max. stroke rate (punching) (E=1 mm) 1000 1/min 900 1/min
Max. stroke rate (marking) 2800 1/min 2800 1/min
Space requirements 345x315 in. 380x350 in.
Weight 32,000 lbs. 40,000 lbs.
Laser Data    
Max. power, TRUMPF TruDisk 3000 W 3000 W
Adjustable power range in 1% steps 80-3000 W 80-3000 W
Wavelength 1.03 μm 1.03 μm
Fiber Diameter 75 μm 75 μm
Cycle Frequency 0-5000 Hz 0-5000 Hz
Laser Active Medium Yb:YAG Yb:YAG
* With Repositioning    
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Youtube URL address
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