TRUMPF punching technology permits complex, three-dimensional sheet processing, with the goal of complete processing on one machine. All TRUMPF tools are fully rotatable. All TRUMPF punching heads feature full tool rotation so that fewer tools are needed. This minimizes the setup work and boosts productivity. Every single tool in MultiTools can also be rotated as needed.

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CNC Punch, Punch / Laser

TruPunch-TruMatic 1000 fiber

The TruMatic 1000 fiber offers an especially cost-effective ...

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TruPunch / TruMatic 3000

The TruPunch 3000 is the resource-efficient universal ...

Base price:

TruPunch 5000

The TruPunch 5000 sets new standards for productivity. It ...

Base price:

TruMatic 6000 Fiber

The TruMatic 6000 fiber combines highest process ...

Base price:

TruMatic 7000 Punch-Laser

A High-end combination machine that meets the most ...

Base price:

ToolMaster Linear

The ToolMaster Linear stores tools, offering maximum ...

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TRUMPF's Chicago Smart Factory

Shorter delivery times, even for small lot sizes, ...

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