Time to flirt – with the next level of production!

Time to flirt – with the next level of production!

TruConnect. Your Smart Factory

A customer calls with an urgent order. You type on your mobile phone – and it’s being produced. Your production is digitally connected. Thanks to the TRUMPF solution TruConnect it works smoothly without you. Design your Smart Factory step by step: Modular solutions bring efficient workflows and a continuous flow of information into your production. The starting point for all considerations lies in your development possibilities and objectives. We will support you with the proper consultation.

TruConnect – your route to connected manufacturing.

Smaller batch sizes and greater variety: it is getting increasingly harder to maintain an overview and keep a handle on costs, particularly when the outlay for indirect processes is going through the roof. This is precisely where networking provides an opportunity. TruConnect accompanies you on the road to connected manufacturing, helping you to optimize your overall process strategy.

Why connected manufacturing? - Small batch sizes is the trend.

Increasing customization is transforming the industry. Big batch sizes are a thing of the past. Today, variety is increasing and batch sizes are shrinking. That translates into many orders with small batch sizes. However, upstream and downstream tasks remain the same. The expense for these indirect processes is getting out of control. How do you deal with the rising costs? TruConnect helps you to optimize upstream and downstream processes. The advantage: you can manufacture even small batch sizes profitably. So even the smallest job becomes cost effective again.

How you benefit from TruConnect? - Connected manufacturing is more cost effective.

Pure processing times can be significantly reduced with productive and reliable machines and coordinated automation solutions. However, you should not lose sight of indirect processes, as they take up the lion’s share of production time today.

For you, this means that the entire manufacturing process counts and that the greatest potential actually resides in indirect processes. This includes upstream and downstream tasks such as programming, job preparation, intralogistics, and invoicing.

TruConnect allows you to optimize your indirect processes

  • Reduce throughput times for your jobs across all stations
  • Network all organizational and administrative tasks for greater efficiency and consistency
  • Reduce your overheads
  • Increase your throughput by eliminating bottlenecks caused by indirect processes
  • Efficiency across the board

TruConnect helps you to not only manufacture small batch sizes cost effectively but also to reduce your expenditure across the board. As a result, you are ideally prepared for:

  • Shorter response times
  • Increasing variety
  • More transparency
  • Increasing documentation requirements
  • More intensive competition
  • Falling margins

Your advantage: An experienced partner; TRUMPF

In choosing TRUMPF, you gain an experienced partner for implementing your Smart Factory. TRUMPF has played a role in shaping the concept of Industry 4.0 from the beginning and has made key contributions to bringing about the production of the future. For over ten years, we have also been consulting customers about lean manufacturing based on SYNCHRO. TruConnect enriches this approach, as intelligent digitalization and connection make lean production even more efficient and flexible.

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