• sheet metal

    Precision Sheet Metal

    Products supplying the precision sheet metal industry include; CNC laser cutting systems, CNC tube lasers & bending machines, CNC press brakes, CNC punching machines, insertion presses, shears, water-jets, band and cold saws, de-burring / finishing machines

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  • structural

    Plate and Structural Fabrication

    Products supplying the plate and structural industry include; beam and drill lines, plasma & oxyfuel cutting systems, ironworkers, plate roll machines, angle and pipe rolling machines, de-burring & slag removal machines, band saws,

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  • hvac fabrication


    Products supplying the HVAC industry include; automated duct lines, rollforming machines, plasma machines, seam closers, box & pan brakes, shears,

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  • trumpf portables

    Tooling & Portables

    Offering press brake tooling, punch tooling, shear blades, portable tools include shears, nibblers, punches & joining equipment

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Trubend 7000 Series
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TruLaser 1030 Fiber

TruLaser 3030 / 3040 / 3060
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Sunrise K Series Ironworkers

SUNRISE Model IW Dual-Cylinder Ironworkers

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