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RK Press Brake Tools

For more than 30 years, leading sheet metal fabricators have looked to R-K Press Brake Dies for precision die design and tooling.
Customers specify our products because we offer the combination of technical expertise, customer service and product performance that exceeds expectation.

You too can count on R-K Press to provide the tools that form your success.

Here's why:

RK delivers outstanding customer service.
You'll find that R-K Press creates customer value that goes beyond competitive pricing.
RK creates effective and cost-effective customized solutions for special applications.
Unlike most competitors, RK has a dedicated team of sales engineers to handle customer requests.
RK's service desk provides ongoing support when it's needed.
Let us show you how R-K Press Brake Dies can form the basis for your success.

Press Brake Tooling Styles Offered By RK:


Press Brake Tooling Offered By RK:

  • 90 Punches
  • 90 Dies
  • 30 Punches
  • 30 Dies
  • Tipped Angle Dies
  • Rocker Dies
  • Gooseneck Punches
  • Corrugation Dies
  • Curling Dies
  • Flattening Dies
  • Box Forming Dies
  • Offset Dies
  • 3-Way / 4-Way Dies
  • Hemming Dies
  • Adjustable Vee Dies
  • Radius Dies
  • Ram Adpaters
  • Channel Dies
  • Die Holders
  • Wiping Dies

Our business was able to find the ideal machine tools for our shop. Productivity, quality, efficiency have been raised across the board.