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Products supplying the precision sheet metal industry include; CNC laser cutting systems, CNC tube lasers & bending machines, CNC press brakes, CNC punching machines, insertion presses, shears, water-jets, band and cold saws, de-burring / finishing machines

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Precision Metal Fabrication

TruPunch 3000

The TruPunch 3000 is the resource-efficient universal ...

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TruPunch 5000

The TruPunch 5000 sets new standards for productivity. It ...

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Trubend 5000 Series

TRUMPF bending machines stand for wide-ranging experience ...

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Trubend 7000 Series

A press brake is only as fast as its operator, and vice ...

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Haeger 824 Window Touch 4e

Easier and faster in operation. More reliable fastener ...

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LISSMAC SBM-M B2 - Oxide Removal

Lissmac innovative systems for metal processing set high ...

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LISSMAC SBM-M S2 - Deburring

LISSMAC, the most effective sheet metal deburring available ...

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TruPunch 1000

The TruPunch 1000 makes your work as easy as possible and ...

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Haeger 618 MSP

Haeger manufactures hardware insertion machines, and is the ...

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Haeger 824 One-Touch

The New OneTouch-3 offers a four station automatic tool ...

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Our business was able to find the ideal machine tools for our shop. Productivity, quality, efficiency have been raised across the board.